Chelsea Drouillard ,


📍Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan ✋
I can help you by being a translator to bridge the gap between technology and people. I utilize my user research skills to understand people behaviors, and using that to deliver impactful solutions.

Professional photo of me

My Projects

Reshaping MSU Museums Visitor Experience

UX Design | Prototyping | User Research

An application for the Michigan State Museum with the focus on k-12 visitors and implementation of AR.

MSU Museum 5 Screen Mockup
Laptop Flexspace Website Mockup

User Research On FLEXspace's Portal

User Interviews | Affinity Mapping | Hi-Fidelity Mockups

Performing user research on a tool that supports stakeholders committed to improving learning space planning, design, and implementation.


Boring Virtual Conferences? Pixelcon Is Here.

Product Design | UI | UX Design

A designathon prompted mobile application, creating an immersive casual networking experience for pre and post conferences.

Pixelcon 4 Iphone Screen mockups

About Me

noun | ‘CHelsē |
1. A person who has a passion for curiosity of understanding people and how to solve complex problems
2. A person who continues to walk past their coffee maker to run to the local cafe to buy a $7+ latte
- sigh and continues to drink expensive latte-

My journey into design... from retail?
Yes, retail. I worked 6 years running a well-known consignment boutique in a small town in SE Michigan. At this boutique, I learned that I love to help people and create an experience where they dreamt to come back to the store the next day. Whether this was from creating unique social media posts, putting together lovely store presentations, to hosting a customer service experience that made them feel seen and heard.

From here, I wanted to take this a step further in my career - as someone who had a lingering interest in human behavior and appreciation of visual design / aesthetics I discovered user experience design.

This led me to where I am now,
Which is completing my degree in Experience Architecture at Michigan State University [Class of 2021, Go Green!].  Currently on the journey of seeking opportunities for a full-time UX role where I can learn and grow as a designer.

As I continue my journey of UX, I'm a life long learner so I'm currently reading:

Sprint by Jake Knapp, The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath, and Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Aside from work, 
I have a constant propensity for adventure and exploration - Even The Meyer-Briggs personality test classified me as an ISFP-Adventurer🤷.
I enjoy planning camping trips, trying new hobbies, seeking out new festivals to attend to, sifting through stuff at the thrift store, and simple car rides and jamming out to music.

I like to make my interest in music a personality trait - 
My top Spotify artists this month:

Grum San PachoMikey LionOlivia Rodrigo
San Pacho
Mikey Lion
Olivia Rodrigo

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